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Expo CAMACOL 2021

Date:August 2021
Venue:Medellin, Colombia
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ExpoCAMACOL is the commercial, updating and business scenario for the construction, architecture and design industry, where the business and profesional sector come together for the production chain. 

Why Italy?

ITALY is an aspirational and competitive market for Colombia thanks to its know how and ability to do things in a unique way, its experience in terms of technological innovation and environmental sustainability, linked to the Architecture, BioConstruction and Design sectors.

Our guest country will share in ExpoCAMACOL 2020 successful experiences and will present innovative products and services of great impact for the construction, architecture and design sector, with the objetive of joining and exchanging to create together the excellence of the future.


In contemporary urban complexity, Italy has evolved so much due to the understanding of cities as places where human species have the opportunity to repair the broken relationship with nature and reverse the disastrous effects of climate change. The ethical projective thinking in Italian architecture is based on the relationship between man and the environment.

Leaving such relationship is one of the objectives of Italy participation in ExpoCAMACOL2020. 



Building materials machinery: construction engineering machinery, processing equipment, glass door and window machinery, construction machinery, electric and manual tools, special vehicles, transportation equipment, site protective articles, construction site facilities, etc.; building materials: doors, windows, curtain walls, glass, awning (umbrella); decorative plates; steel, wood, aluminum-plastic plates, PVC, composite materials, etc.; cement, concrete Gypsum and sealing materials; roof and wall materials; thermal insulation, waterproof and fireproof materials; stone materials, ceramics, ceramic tiles, floors and carpets; courtyard facilities, landscaping equipment, etc.; building hardware: faucets, plumbing equipment, HVAC pipes, PVC pipes and accessories, sanitary hardware, doors (including cabinet doors), windows and doors and windows hardware, valves, fasteners, standards Ventilation system: heating and air conditioning, ventilation pipeline, sanitary equipment, water heater and supporting equipment, kitchen equipment, building lighting, lamps and lighting, other residential appliances; home automation: solar energy, remote control device, audio and video device, home theater and satellite products, cable television system, etc

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