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Date:June 24-28, 2020
Venue:Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
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VIETBUILD is the traditional festival and the big event to bring the full impression of Construction – Real Estate – Building Materials – Interior & Exterior decoration to take place in Viet Nam. In recent 14 years, VIETBUILD have brought the national and international stature which is the biggest exhibition in Viet Nam. It has the large scale with various kinds of good services, new products & new technology of construction with diverse activites. Coming to the exhibition, Entrepreneurs which will meet and exchange the introduction of new products to crowd of domestic and  foreign visitors, is partners to belong to specialized in exhibition. VIETBUILD truly brings a lot of benefits of economic, technology transfer and trade promotion, cooperation and investment construction for entrepreneurs. Specialized in seminars and trade conferences about technology transfer, the introduction of  new products and joint venture cooperation at the exhibition. Entrepreneurs with new products and prestige tradename will be offered the quality awards by the ozganizing board and contribute to the strong quality building, environment friendly and energy saving.

VIETBUILD is a place where domestic and foreign entrepreneurs, visitors, partners, construction contractors, engineers, architects seek new solutions on building and design new products and advanced scientific products to serve construction industry and building.

VIETBUILD had a lot of pretige agencies under cooperation and sponsor such as : Vietnam Federation of Civil Engineering Association, Vietnam Association of Architects, Vietnam National Real Estate Association, Vietnam Association for building, Vietnam Concrete Association, citys  and provinces construction department … and aslo information agencies have announced ussually the news such as : Vietnam  TV station , Ho Chi Minh city TV Station, Hanoi City TV Station, Da Nang province TV Station, Can Tho province TV Station … and the press such as : Construction Newspaper - Ministry Of Construction, Construction Magazine - Ministry Of Construction, Vietnam Economic Times, Saigon Economic Times, Vietnam Architecture Magazine, Building Material Magazine, Construction Planning Journal, Noi That Magazine, Real Estate Market & Property Magazine, Viet Wooden Magazine …

Most agencies and economic ozgans, communication and press agencies  made the high remarks and took the wide report and practical effect of VIETBUILD by crowed domestic and foreign people. VIETBUILD really is the biggest event which showed the prefective picture, the full of pep activity of real estate and construction industry as if demand for Vietnam consumers.

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