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Exclusive Poland Trade Leads

Date:Apr 18,2016

Exclusive Poland Latest Trade Leads

Recently, the company concerned should Poland Kielce government's request, visited the Polish city of Kielce, in relevant government officials as well as with the mayor talks to obtain the following trade and investment and cooperation project, is to provide the Chinese authorities, If you need further information, please contact us directly. More business opportunities, please feel free to our website www.heliview.cn

Representative office in Kielce, Poland

Poland Kielce investment and cooperation projects

1, the international airport

Kielce plans to build an international airport, airport passenger functionality in addition, will also create a central European logistics center, radiation to the Eastern European countries. Airport construction plan has been completed, we carry out the design phase of the airport terminal and other projects, the needs of Chinese enterprises to participate in its design, construction, matters of cooperation and investment.


2. Cooperation Kielce International Exhibition Center exhibition

Kielce International Exhibition Centre is Poland's second largest exhibition city government invested 100%, the exhibition center has 17 years of history, organized every year about 45 international exhibitions, the exhibition facilities is very advanced, with better features exhibitors. The Government is currently actively promote cooperation in matters of the Exhibition Center exhibition, we hope the Chinese authorities to work with jointly organizing exhibitions or exhibitions.


3. The development of geothermal water

Poland is rich in geothermal resources, due to the relatively high cost of local boring, hope Chinese enterprises involved in the development and use of this resource


4. Reconstruction and construction of underground pipelines

Many Polish underground pipeline facilities is relatively backward, in need of rehabilitation, hope that Chinese enterprises to participate in the construction and renovation


5. Medical equipment and technology exchange

Poland has a high level of medical technology, especially medical equipment and technology used in cancer surgery, we hope to carry out exchanges and learning with Chinese medical institutions, training


6. Kielce Student Exchange

Kielce University City, has six relatively good university in Poland, especially in the mechanical, biological, physical and other professionals. Welcome Chinese students to its urban university, with the hope of education institutions involved in teaching exchange


7. Kielce dancers introduce

Kielce city in China hope to hire male dancers, musical performances in its current temporary hope two actors, one year of work, the future will continue to increase the number of employed


8. Establish restaurant project

Kielce City No restaurant currently only Vietnam, Thailand and other Asian restaurants, government wants someone to invest in Kielce restaurants Jianzhong, the government can improve the place, the city of Kielce city free of local taxes, but the country needs to pay related taxes.


9. The joint development of coal mines in Mongolia

Poland plans a coal mining in Mongolia, has licensed the Government of Mongolia, the company hopes to find a capable Chinese companies to adopt joint ventures, cooperation, partnership, joint exploration, etc., can be exported to Poland related machinery and equipment.


10. labor export

Poland, a coal mine, I hope 50 Chinese coal miners to work in the future will gradually increase the number of staff.


11. Cultural Exchange

Kielce City and look forward to the Chinese authorities to carry out cultural exchanges, relevant activities.

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