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Date:September 16-17, 2024
Venue:Kielce, Poland
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Poland international light aircraft exhibition and Poland international UAV conference are held at the same time. This exhibition is the emerging industry exhibition of light aircraft and UAV in central and Eastern Europe, and the only exhibition of this type in Poland. The exhibition was hosted by Kielce International Exhibition Company of Poland, and was strongly supported by the Ministry of science and technology of Poland, Polish UAV Equipment Association and other relevant organizations. Based on the principle of providing one-stop services for all aspects of the aviation industry, the exhibition will be able to meet many exhibitors in the industry, such as production enterprises, supporting service enterprises, financial service enterprises, schools, aviation clubs, industry associations, industry media, portals and so on. According to the prediction of the global aviation market, nearly 40000 new aircraft are expected to be built in the next 20 years, and Poland's aviation industry will occupy a considerable share. The development of this industry provides opportunities for many enterprises. According to experts' estimates, there will be a lot of spare parts produced in Poland for each aircraft. The vigorous development of Polish airport infrastructure provides further development impetus for aerospace industry manufacturers in the next few years. The innovation of the industry, the development of Polish aviation industry cluster and the rapid growth of UAV market - these events themselves provide huge opportunities for industry enterprises, which will develop with the prosperity of aviation industry. In addition to the exhibition, the exhibition will provide more advantageous and attractive conference activities: International Conference dedicated to modern UAV technology.

The organizing committee invited about 40 distinguished guests from Poland and other countries to give a speech on the theme of UAV industry, and made in-depth discussion on UAV laws and regulations, UAV integration technology and industry application, UAV safety protection, UAV investment and other issues. Poland has a lot of potential opportunities in the fields of UAV applications such as agriculture, oil and gas, rescue and so on. This exhibition will become a new opportunity for Chinese UAV enterprises to explore the market of Poland and central and Eastern Europe. In the last exhibition, nearly 100 companies from Germany, Italy, Poland and other countries participated, and more than 3000 professional businessmen attended the exhibition. The polish cup UAV competition was also held on the spot. At that time, light aircraft exhibition and polish international UAV conference will become an important exchange platform for industry elites and professional buyers. For those who want to expand their international business, the central and Eastern European market is the most important target. Now the feedback from the last exhibitors is very good, and most of them have signed up for the exhibition repeatedly. It is expected that about 150 companies from all over the world will participate in the exhibition in 2021, and more than 5000 visitors from many countries will visit the exhibition. So this exhibition and conference will create new opportunities for you to find new customers and business partners

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