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e-drive TURKEY

Date:December 9-12, 2020
Venue:Istanbul, Turkey
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We are glad to invite you to the first e-mobility show in Turkey : e-drive 2020 - Exhibition and Conference for Electric and Hybrid Vehicles Manufacturers and Suppliers.

Event has 2 main objectives : Firstly, we intend to increase the awareness of e-mobility concept on public level in Turkey. Secondly, event will serve to strenghten the ties between the manufacturers and suppliers.

We, as Duru Tradeshows, intend to actively participate within the evolution towards a cleaner and more vibrant world via organizing e-drive Turkey Exhibition and Conference.

e-drive Turkey will offer an unrivalled opportunity for companies in the e-mobility industry to showcase their latest products, services and innovations.

This action-packed event will bring together in one showcase, electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles and advancements in alternative transport options.

Today, transportation is being revolutionized again with the creation and production of electric and hybrid vehicles that are affordable for millions. Electric mobility is transforming transportation and all of the sectors that it touches.

At e-drive Turkey, you will have the opportunity to interact with representatives from across the global value chain who are working today to define the future of transportation.

Event will host both local and international companies and planned to be held in December 2020 in Istanbul.

e-drive Turkey will be the meeting point for all professionals and enthusiasts of electric automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles, boats, ATV’s, as well as all other means of electric mobility.

Event will offer its visitors the opportunity to see, try, analyze and compare the newest electric vehicles on the market, as well as the newest technological innovations in the electric mobility industry. Attendees will be able to test drive a multitude of EV’s on our interior test track as well as outside of the exhibition hall on the road during the show.

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