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Date:March 5-9, 2020
Venue:Moscow, Russia
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Moscow boat show is the only yacht show in Russia, and also one of the necessary exhibitions for yacht enterprises all over the world. The exhibition aims to show the latest products and technologies of the yacht industry at home and abroad, covering yacht manufacturers, accessories enterprises, yacht terminals, yacht clubs and other yacht industry chains. The exhibition also obtained UFI certification from the global exhibition industry association, which is enough to show the international status and influence of the exhibition. Russia international yacht exhibition will provide all exhibitors with a good opportunity to show their products and find new business opportunities through the platform. At the same time, exhibitors, visitors and boat enthusiasts can feast their eyes, understand and experience your favorite products. At present, Russia international yacht exhibition has been held for 12 times, and the last one attracted more than 13000 visitors. Nearly 200 exhibitors from 17 countries participated in the exhibition, with a total area of 20000 square meters. At the same time, the organizer has been committed to promoting the overall development of the global boat industry. During the exhibition, a series of industry meetings and trainings will be arranged. The Russian Rowing Federation, the Russian Ministry of defense and the Moscow State Shipbuilding Supervision Bureau will participate in the special meetings, so as to effectively understand the main difficult problems in the production and sales of the boat industry, and find out in various meetings held by experts Come up with the best solution. Every year, the Russian Sailing Federation also holds a summit forum at the same time of the exhibition, which is attended by representatives of boat associations in various regions of Russia.


1. Boats and Yachts: yachts, sightseeing boats, tourist submarines, leisure boats, fishing boats, luxury cruisers (boats), etc.; business boats, lifeboats, hovercraft, etc.; electric boats, water motor boats, water fitness boats, sailing boats, etc;

2. Accessories, facilities and equipment: all kinds of boat sets, inboard engines, outboard engines, boat diesel engines, all kinds of motors and batteries, propulsion devices, transmission devices, propellers, steering engines and operating equipment, anti rolling devices, etc.; all kinds of mechanical and electrical accessories, boat trailers, boat construction materials, auxiliary materials, coatings, high-performance bonding materials, construction equipment and tools, outfitting, hardware, general Information navigation, etc;

3. Aquatic sports, tourism and leisure products: rowing, canoeing, motorboat, sailing, windsurfing, surfing equipment, water skiing equipment; promotion of water entertainment facilities, water sports clothing, water sports club, water tourism and development and other routes;

4. Wharfs, clubs and service institutions: yacht clubs (clubs), yacht wharf facilities and construction, yacht maintenance and service institutions, yacht inspection and certification service institutions, insurance, credit, maintenance and repair, etc.; professional media; public associations; national supervision and inspection institutions, etc.

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