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Date:September 22-September 23, 2023
Venue:Kielce, Poland
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e-Motion Expo - turn on the excitement mode and visit the micromobility, bicycles, scooters and electric vehicles trade show

e-Motion Expo - the latest expansion of the Targi Kielce offer’ the show is targeted at individual and business customers who are into micromobility. The two days’ show held on 22-23 September 2023 showcases the latest equipment and technological solutions; the expo is the business sector’s one stop shop.

Electromobility leads ecology

In the 21st century, every citizen of this planet finds environmental protection important. Sustainable transport, based on modern technological solutions, is one of the modern world’s development directions. Rising fuel prices, restrictive environmental standards and the desire to be energy-independent mean that more and more people and companies opt for electromobility. Electric cars’ sale has been growing year by year; in addition to e-vehicles there is also an increasing number of lighter, electrically powered devices in use. Scooters, bicycles, mopeds, segways and many other means of modern transport pave the way for this sector’s development. The future begins now - come and see it at the e-Motion Expo.

Six thematic zones at the personal transport equipment trade show

Traditional and electric means of transport, Software, Smart City, Zones -  Start-ups Zone, Test Zone and Service Zone - a number of independent spaces where manufacturers, suppliers, technology companies, industry experts and originators of modern startups talk about the opportunities offered by micromobility and the technology. Bicycles have proven the most popular means of transport. Bikes rely on human muscles’ work, but there is a plethora of other personal transport devices available. Classic two-wheelers and the accessories and services galore are presented at the bicycle industry section, organised within the scope of the September e-Motion Expo. When visiting the event, you can also make the most of electric scooters and bicycle tests. Information regarding charging procerures is also offered in abundance. Companies specialising in the repair and service of classic equipment expand their offer to include electric-powered appliances. Young people come up with interesting and innovative zero-emission transport ideas which set the basis for startups; The e-Motion Expo has been created for them and supporters of the traditional type of transport. The September event targets at producers of electric bicycles, and scooters as well as representatives of the industry and private individuals interested in novelties and micromobility.

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