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Date:November 16-17, 2021
Venue:Kielce, Poland
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The first edition of Digital Stage Europe – one stop shop for the whole stage-industry business sector was staged in Targi Kielce. 16 companies took part in the event whose first edition was held from 7 to 9 March 2019 in Targi Kielce.


For the first time the Kielce exhibition and congress centre hosted the broadly-defined stage industry entrepreneurs. The International Expo of Stage and Studio Equipment, Sound and Lighting Systems was much more than organisers had expected; the exhibition hosted 900 visitors! The new Targi Kielce event provided an excellent opportunity to establish contacts between the industry companies. This was also a great place to present and showcase product novelties and surprising technological developments.


Digitization and miniaturization instead of the world of analogues

The event was the showcase for the latest generation of concert line-array systems, sound sets used in clubs and wedding halls, studio monitors, stage lights, digital consoles, LED screens including the brand new developments such as transparent LED screens as well as video mixers. The industry’s giants including AMATE Audio, BOSE, NAW, POL Audio and Roland showcased and presented their solutions. Rental companies also marked their presence here. The exhibition also featured a wide variety of stage equipment such as curtains and dance floors, accessories with complete cables systems as well as cable production components, MIDI controllers and many other.


The first General Meeting of the Polish Chamber of Stage Technology PITE

The first day of the expo saw the PITE members meeting. Officially PITE was registered last autumn. At the meeting, the previous Management Board was approved. The current authorities’ terms of office were extended for the next three years. The action plan for the upcoming years was also adopted at the general assembly – the program includes: acquisition of comprehensive knowledge on the industry related legislation,  cooperation establishment with the Polish Chamber of Commerce as well as cooperation establishment with foreign entities of a similar business profile.

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