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LEARNTEC:Education and Learning with IT International Trade Fair and Convention
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LEARNTEC:Education and Learning with IT International Trade Fair and Convention

Date:June 4-6, 2024
Venue:karlsruhe, Germany
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Exhibition introduction
The 31th German educational technology equipment exhibition and conference  will be held at the Karlsruhe Exhibition Center in Germany. Learntec was founded in 1992, once a year, and its scientific and technological characteristics are included in each exhibition. Up to now, learntec has become the leading exhibition of digital education technology and equipment in Europe, and also the exchange platform of international digital education solutions and trends. In 2021, the exhibition will continue the tradition of the past and gather world-class experts and decision makers in digital education, technology and equipment related industries again. Digital learning is more topical than ever before. Exhibitors in the field of college and professional topics and digital teaching in schools will participate in the exhibition. In learntec 2021, the use of digital media in schools has become indispensable. Projectors, interactive, tablet computers and applications for students have become part of everyday learning. However, throughout the current situation of domestic education development, as well as the situation of smart education exhibitions, most of the exhibits are big data or courses, examinations, platform app, etc., and the means of education such as AR / VR / MR are not widely used in practice. Therefore, learntec is an excellent platform for Chinese enterprises to exchange, learn, share, promote and trade with their international counterparts.
Scope of exhibition
Hardware and equipment: chat robot, AI intelligent coach, teaching and office equipment, learning environment design (workstation system, space design); it infrastructure / virtualization / virtual machine
(VM) / cloud computing; augmented reality / hybrid reality / virtual reality (AR / MR / VR); mobile devices, wearable devices; speech technology, intelligent media, etc.)
E-learning / tools: computer training (CBT) training (WBT); software training courses, children's learning courses, children's education videos, animation learning, creation tools (HTML pages, graphics, animation, audio and video); electronic tools (systems, software, app, etc.); creation and software learning (CBT, WBT); online courses
Process authoring tools (learning content management system / LCMS / CMS / LMS); simulation / simulation examples; adaptive learning / adaptive learning system; mobile software / application development; portal / library; diagnostic / testing tools / assessment
Education Management: teaching concept design; teaching content development; teaching management consulting and other knowledge management: system development; search engine; semantic system; database, etc

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