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Date:November 12-14, 2020
Venue:Hanoi, Vietnam
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The Vietnam International Two-wheel Exhibition, called VIETNAM CYCLE EXPO, is a pioneering trade promotion event in the field of bicycles, electric bicycles, electric scooters, motorbikes and accessories in Vietnam. The event is held annually in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi Capital city for the past 8 years, has been actively contributing to the development of the Motor Cycle Industry in Vietnam.

VIETNAM CYCLE EXPO is an event providing products for bicycles, electric bicycles, motorbikes and accessories with the goal of developing the motor cycle industry in Vietnam.

In Vietnam, bicycles, electric bicycles and motorbikes are most usage of transportation, serving the lives of the people, from students to adult, everyone can use to assist in traveling as well as at work. With the aim of bringing consumers the fastest access to bicycle, electric and motorbike products as well as helping the companies producing and distributing their products to reach consumers in the most effectively method. Vietnam Cycle Expo was born, since 2012, the first time Vietnam Cycle Expo was held was honored to receive the attention of participants as well as domestic and foreign visitors, continuing the success. Since then, the 9th Vietnam Cycle Expo will certainly be held in 2020.

The goal of the organizers (VINEXAD) this year is based on two factors, one is to gather prestigious international Brands in order to promote the attractiveness of the domestic market thereby attracting investment, technology transfer, collaborating on building global supply chain. The second is to create an environment to enhance domestic brands, helping to promote export development and stimulate the use of domestic products.

A series of new product experience activities, special gifts from the exhibitors will create more ideal exchanging space for the public to visit. The exhibition will take place in 3 days, from 12 - 14/11/2020 at ICE Exhibition Center - 91 Tran Hung Dao, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi) and is expected to welcome over 15,000 people to the event.

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