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Date:September 17-19, 2020
Venue:Dhaka, Bangladesh
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Building safety and security system have been a significant issue from the last century in Bangladesh. It should be the supreme priority to protect the large areas such as factories, substation, power plant, commercial 8 residential buildings, and other important institutions by maintaining proper automatic fire fighting and security surveillance system from the hazard. But unfortunately, most of those buildings are highly vulnerable to fire risk due to lack of major firefighting equipment and defiance of related laws and regulations.

Furthermore, when places fire occurred, firefighters have to face lots of troubles due to lack of fire fighting facilities. Fire fighting facilities such as fire control panels, electric sub-Station, generator (any), standby generator (for fire), control panel, lighting conductor, exhaust fan, any kind of fire equipments, fire extinguisher, and tub, smoke detector, heat detector, fire alarm, intercom, electric pump, diesel pump jocky pump, fire lift, ventilation systems etc. are basic facilities needed to assist firefighters and to aid occupants to evacuate the premises which is actually not all available to the Fire Rescue Service operations. For this, it takes too much time to close the operation and even increase the possibility of loss. Our Exhibition will provide the opportunity to create a platform for all safety and security related industry al over the world under one roof where customers can see the latest offerings in the market through which they can make business partners and strategic alliances.

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