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Date:March 5-9, 2020
Venue:Moscow, Russia
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Sailing sports and outing on water have been gaining wide popularity in Russia. Speed boats and yachts, boats and aqua bikes, participation in competitions in water sports cause genuine interest, totaling a large number of admirers at Russian and foreign audience. Due to it grows the demand for relevant services: yacht schools, transportation of yachts and boats, navigation equipment, regattas and many other things. For more than 10 years the exhibition of boats and yachts has been recognized as the key event of the yachting industry among numerous specialists of the branch and yachting fans.

The show is the leading event for representatives of yachting business, professionals of the branch and numerous fans of water sports and active outings. The scope of the project includes motor and sail yachts, launches, electric boats, offshore vessels, design trimarans, helicopters, diving clothes and accessories, inland navigation, dredging, fishing vessels, workboats, naval ships, construction vessels, brokerage and mega yachts. Besides the visitors will have an opportunity to get also consultation of highly qualified specialists.

Moscow Boat Show has been announcing the spring and the time to get back in the water. For some participants the show becomes a launch pad for presentation of their developments to a new targeted audience. From year to year Russian producers enter the market of water transport more and more actively and represent worthy competitive production that testifies to the development of the industry in Russia. Moscow Boat Show provides a unique chance to discover domestic companies which products do not concede, and sometimes even surpasses foreign analogs in technical and speed characteristics and design.

To improve information awareness in the branch, to attract key market players’ attention to urging problems of yachting business and promotion of sailing sports among population.

Participation in Moscow Boat Show is a unique opportunity to present a company and products to a distinctly selected targeted audience of industry specialists. The show provides the perfect platform from which to preview new products, evaluate market trends, and establish long-lasting and commercially profitable partnerships.

Moscow Boat Show opens up wide opportunities for all those interested to get acquainted with the most advanced products. They will be well prepared to discuss business in the Russian market and to close a deal on-site. Stay visible in the marketplace and let your customers, prospects and competitors know that you will be there to serve them today and tomorrow. It is a promotional opportunity not to be missed!

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