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MIDDLE EAST ENERGY(Middle East Electricity)
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MIDDLE EAST ENERGY(Middle East Electricity)

Date:April 16-18, 2024
Venue:Dubai, The United Arab Emirates
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Middle East Energy, formerly known as Middle East Electricity. The 2019 edition of the event has welcomed more than 1,500 exhibiting companies and 20,000+ visitors from 130+ countries. Middle East Energy offers its exhibitors access to thousands of potential customers from across the Middle East, Africa and the rest of the world. As the region’s leading gathering of power industry professionals, companies can expect to find new customers, strengthen relationships with existing clients and develop or expand their business in MEA. In fact:


5 reasons to exhibit at MEE 2020

Join the international energy community

The entire global energy and utilities community - leading manufacturers, global experts, government representatives and power industry professionals converge at MEE to drive cost-effectiveness, efficiency and move projects forward.

Meet visitors with real purchasing power

89% of visitors to MEE have decision-making authority and 27% of visitors are C-Level/Directors, giving you the opportunity to do business with the right customer base. 1 out of 3 could visitors planned spend above USD 1 million and above as a result of their interaction with suppliers at MEE

Enter new markets

MEE facilitates access to challenging and hard-to-reach markets though partnerships with distributors and agents from around the world, that form more than 56% of the total MEE visitor base.

Drive business through innovation

MEE is at the forefront of innovation and is the ultimate platform for exhibitors to highlight new technologies to an audience that is looking for ways to transform their operations and business models.

Generate qualified leads & sales

US$1 billion worth of business is conducted during MEE and 88% of exhibitors generate sales as a result of exhibiting at the show.

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